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The 7 Deadly Challenges of Youth Sports

1.  Our Director of Coaching has so much administrative work to do that s/he doesn't have time to work with our coaches and players.

2. It takes forever to make a decision or get something done, especially with our board of directors and committees.

3. Our coaches need communication, management, and people skills.

4. Our team managers and coaches are overwhelmed with administrivia, emails, and phone calls.

5. We must recruit and train new volunteers over and over because we have such high turnover.

6. We need sponsor, fundraising, and grant dollars so that we can afford to run our club and do not have to charge so much for kids to play.

7. Conflicts between coaches, parents, board members, and administrators drive good people away from our organization

GO! Clients

include sports clubs, non-profit associations, private companies, and independent professionals in North America, Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe, and South America.

"What happens in the board room directly affects what happens on the pitch. Nicholson’s not-so-quiet revolution of ideas, structure, and innovation make her the stand above the crowd choice for the Innovator of the Year honor.”

David Falk, General Manager

Snohomish County FC